Construction VE Solution offers a full range of construction services in Thailand. The most of construction works have been carried out are Hot Tapping, NG inlet pipeline, Metering Skid and Outlet pipeline for PTT, petrochemical plants, refinery plants, power plants, and a general industrial factory. Construction team maintains high quality by adhering to strict construction procedures and employing the most up‐to‐date techniques. Progress control is carefully monitored to ensure that the progress achieve master schedule. Major activities of the construction team are as follows:

  • Piping Fabrication & Erection
  • Steel Structure Fabrication & Erection
  • Electrical Installation & Wiring
  • Civil Structure & Building
  • Testing and commissioning Painting

Our engineering team provides a full spectrum of engineering design from process design to layout and shop drawing drafting. All disciplines are familiar with international design codes and standards, and local laws and regulation. They design the plant and bear in mind that the plant shall meet client's specification, and economical. The services provided by the engineering department are : NG and NGV metering package NG Inlet and outlet pipeline Civil and structural for metering station Grounding and cathodic protection for piping Plastic piping system

Procurement Equipment and material delivery is essentially important to the completion deadline of each project. Most of the project execution relies greatly on how fast equipment and material can be made available on site. VE Solution recognizes this importance and puts its much effort on developing systems that information of various suppliers are kept, purchase order status can be traced, and equipment and material delivery can be expedited. Our procurement staffs are very familiar with BOI privilege requirement. They have plenty experiences in BOI master list preparation and customs clearance process. Subcontract is also an essential activity of procurement department. VE Solution has partnered with many subcontractors; big and small, to bring in best benefit to the projects.